Environmental Graphics & Wayfinding

Identity, Comfort

and Security

Signaling system projects implemented in buildings of a certain complexity, especially where there is a large flow of people, have the main task of optimizing and, in some cases, making the functioning of these spaces viable, guiding day-to-day flows and procedures or on an emergency basis. Therefore, to signal the areas of the first shopping center and offices of Reserva do Paiva, one of the most grandiose planned neighborhood projects in Northeast Brazil, our basic criterion for the elaboration of the environmental signaling system was established, fundamentally, in the identity, comfort triad and security.

The Multipurpose Complex Novo Mundo Empresarial, a project of Odebrecht Realizações and Promovalor Investimentos, partners in the project and investors of the Sheraton hotel located in Reserva do Paiva, received the Master Imobiliário 2015 Award in the Commercial Development category, carried out by FIABCI-Brasil and SECOVI – SP and considered as the most important award in the real estate sector that highlights the best projects and developments in all of Brazil.

The Master Imobiliário Award, in addition to recognizing great talents, also contributes to the national and international dissemination of innovative ideas and successful experiences for the global development of real estate activities



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