Brand Identity

The invitation

Invited by the Salvador City Hall to the contest in which it chose the brands of the Salvador Subway and the Companhia de Transporte de Salvador Transport Company, it was achieved through the qualities established for the visual identity prominence the company must technically established, through the creation and maintenance of its symbol, graphic references that conveyed contemporaneity, clarity, solidity and unmistakable memorization, identification and recognition.

Thus, the symbolism of the brand created for the Salvador Subway was established, so that it could be applied to all situations and means of communication and dissemination of the enterprise, having its origin in the letter M and in the reach and layout of the tracks, its institutional color , the shape of its construction in diagram with the use of square weft and converging lines tangent to the sides of the M and suggesting the notions of perspective and speed with the alignment of the words Metrô and Salvador balanced according to their reading.

In order to guarantee the integrity of the Identity system created, the Visual Identity Manual will be compiled, which included the elements created with guidelines and rules for its use together with the examples of application of the associated brands in stationery, trains and sidings layouts. and promotional pennants.



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